Monday, September 1, 2014

Only Krishna

Krishna is all that is needed to overcome the evils of the world. He is the defender of the poor and the protector of the righteous. Here is what Krishna Vasudeva says:

"People cry out to leaders and presidents to protect them, but they do not cry out to Me! They cry out to America, monger of war and oil to protect them, but they do not cry out to Me! If you would but turn your ears inward and listen for Me; if you would but speak inward to Me, for I am Your Heart. Do not follow men who do not trust in Me. Do not ask them for help, but ask Me for help and I will hear you. For I am Krishna Vasudeva; I have given every thought to your problems and your needs. But I must receive the glory; else how can I be your defender?"

"My Gurus have forgotten Me and loved this world with all it's gadgets and all it's toys. If the poor cry out to Me, I will defend them, for the Gurus have forgotten the deep love they once had for Me. They have forgotten their child like faith in Me. They build temples to Me and fill them with devotees, but they themselves do not worship Me anymore. The earth has become cursed because My Calves have forgotten Me. They have longed after The Dragon and all His Beauty! I advise them to cut themselves away from The World and simply call out My Name. This alone will save them."

I alone am Purusha, The Supreme Person. I can see all and hear all that the children of Manu are doing and saying. I know when I am being worshiped and when I am not. I know when fallen devotees are just typing and when they are really thinking of Me. For I am God and I know all things. Let the wicked serve their Gods with sincerity; if there is any good in them, it is only because of Me. And if there be any righteousness or devotion in the people of this fallen world, it is only I who accept it."

"Those who give themselves to My Mantra and serve the poor with humility will become blessed. Those who do not will fall further and further into sin. Truth is simple to those whose eyes are not covered over with scales. I will remove the scales from the eyes of those who chant My Name with love and fervor. For My Way is the way of mercy and love. Let the wealthy sell of their many goods to care for the poor, to feed them and house them; giving them dignity and the opportunity to do their part. Then I will be pleased."

hare krishna hare krishna
krishna krishna hare hare
hare ramah hare ramah
ramah ramah hare hare

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