Saturday, August 23, 2014

Krishna Loves To Be Worshipped

Give yourself in sincere devotion to the mantra. When we chant Krishna's name vigorously and devote ourselves to continuously singing it, we are supremely blessed. It would seem strange that something so simple could bring such joy and solidarity. We must rely on the lord for strength and happiness and this is what he has required in order to for us to attain life's goal. We cannot let things stand in the way of that goal, whether it be food, drink, entertainment, work or any other thing standing in the way of Krishna.

We must stop all the things we are doing long enough to truly devote ourselves to Mantram. It is our god and our religion. When we sincerely take the time to repeat his name over and over in our minds, we truly begin to pray to him and ask for guidance, making him our solace, making him our solution. As we go through our day, we tend to traverse from one thing to the next, in a constant flow, without ever taking the time to stop and thank the lord; without ever taking the time to focus on him. He must be our primary focus.

If it is necessary, we should kneel in prayer or sit in an asana to direct ourselves away from the whiles of daily life. Then we should focus ourselves and chant the names of Krishna. Albeit, with practice and true devotion we can learn to chant while we work and play. This is best; always remembering the name of The Lord and keeping it ever upon our lips. We should not let the news of the world or silly people keep us from staying fixed on The Lord. He is All In All; and all things are fulfilled in devotion to him.

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