Monday, August 4, 2014

A Real Guru

A real Guru can be chosen by Krishna from birth, separate from disciplic succession. The Guru will monitor and seek out the order, but practice devotion in His own right; even the right of Krishna. An Avatar is an incarnated Guru, who is The Lord in secret form, being Vishnu, Brahma or Shiva. Brahma and Shiva are imbued with the qualities of Krishna Vishnu, as the original manifestations of His Creative and Devotional Powers. Avatars are rare, but they come when Vishnu sends them.

The sole purpose of an avatar is to glorify Vishnu, who is Krishna Vasudeva of The Ancient Yadhu Dynasty. Thus Krishna is The Ancient Of Days, as referenced by John The Revelator. It's important to understand that many questions have been left unanswered; and that Krishna is God The Father. He is Ramah, The Lord Of Israel; who's Name has been exchanged for "evil". When the bible refers to evil, the original Hebrew word, 'eviyl' is replaced with the name Ramah!

All Gods are in fact The One True God; therefore degrees of truth are to be defined by The Avatar, sent by Krishna Himself. He comes to draw correlations between the religions of the world and ultimately, to glorify The One True Lord. He loves Krishna above all else and seeks to glorify him on all levels. The Lord shows him what the rest of the world cannot see, due to their own blindness. The world is lost in blindness to it's own sin, but Krishna loves all unconditionally. His Name is given to be sung and to bring healing from all the illnesses of soul. Singing His Name removes the dirt of sin and shame.

I have come to give devotion to the world. I offer The Mantra Of His Name to all the peoples of the earth. Krishna Syamasundara is The Father, seated in Govindam, where no one has ever seen him. His devotees, who reside there with him are able to see him. Also those who sing His Name in this life can see Him in The Minds Eye and know the invisible god as Lord Krishna Vasudeva. He is All In All. Here is The Mantra as given to Me by Krishna. Sing His Name and be healed.

Hare Krishna Hare Krishna
Krishna Krishna Hare Hare
Hare Ramah Hare Ramah
Ramah Ramah Hare Hare

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