Tuesday, August 5, 2014

The Mantra

The Mantra is The Source of all happiness and the starting point of all spiritual journeys. When a Christian repeats the name of Jesus over and over, he is infinitely blessed. If a Muslim repeats the name of Allah over and over, he is infinitely blessed. If a Jew repeats the name of Yahweh over and over he is infinitely blessed. As a Buddhist repeats "Nam YoHo RenGe Kyo" over and over, He is infinitely blessed. The True Lord is pleased with devoted worship and gives all blessing to those who put him first and worship Him with strong and sincere devotion.

Now Krishna preaches the utterance of The Name Of The Lord, keeping it ever upon the lips as the way of salvation. Other religions find such truth hidden in their scriptures and follow it, but they do not preach it as the way of salvation. Albeit when comparatively observed, it is clear that all the primary religions originally preached utterance of the name of Ramah as the way of salvation. They do not preach the utterance of The Name Of Krishna; simply because Ramah came ages before Krishna. Thus their origins were founded under the dispensation of Ramah.

Singing The Name Of The Lord with passion and vigorously chanting it brings The Spirit Of Joy for His True Devotees; and all true knowledge follows for them alone. Why? Because there is only One Gate. We must identify that gate in order to be the elect of knowledge. If I do not know that Krishna is The Father, then I may receive truth on various levels, but not the full truth that Krishna is The Lover Of All Souls and that He will forgive them and have mercy on them; in His due season.

Too many religions of the world preach hell fire and damnation to all who do not follow their path. They are unaware that Yadava is merciful to all that call upon him. He is The King Of The Yadhu Dynasty and thus He is The Ancient Of Days; The Supreme Person! To behold His Form in The Minds Eye is more beneficial to the soul than any other life experience. Therefore sincere and devout worship is the most beneficial to all the various religions of the world.

Let the inhabitants of the earth chant this glorious mantra with fervor and joy. It is the only true path to salvation and eternal life. When one sings these glorious names of Yahweh, they are freed from all illusion and given all truth. Simply uttering the name of the lord, stands as the only way, freeing the simple and the profound alike. It is the easiest way to approach him and be blessed:

Hare Krishna Hare Krishna
Krishna Krishna Hare Hare
Hare Ramah Hare Ramah
Ramah Ramah Hare Hare

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