Sunday, August 10, 2014

Sanskrit Day

Whether you speak Sanskrit or not; whether you study it or not. Whether or not you are able to implement it's various meanings into your personal and spiritual development, Krishna said in the original language, "If you cannot be given to the authorized teachings of Vedanta, just try to serve Me". In a nutshell, it does not matter what your background is; simple and sincere devotion to Lord Krishna is acceptable, because Krsna is The Supreme. The Lord understands all languages and He can communicate in any language. Seeing Him in The Minds Eye is The Beginning Of True Religion.

To have an image of Krishna as he is according to the Vedas, as well as all Vedanta, is the authorized means of establishing that inner vision. As we study Vedanta and observe the forms of The Lord, accompanying his descriptions, we are enlightened with a vision of him. This is why all Vedanta and commentary should be ascertained to with all sincerity and auspiciousness. It is important to remember however, that The Forms of The Lord are numerous and variegated. Therefore we need to seek him personally and with sincerity, asking him to show us which Form is most important. Nonetheless, Krishna Vasudeva said "I am The Origin Of All The Gods", therefore a clear image of Krishna Vasudeva is acceptable. Albeit, Caitanya Mahaprabu is an acceptable form of Krishna as well. Thus one should truly seek The Lord in this matter and obtain a sure Vision Of Vishnu for himself. The Lord should be lauded and remembered ever as The Original Person; The Oldest as well as The Wisest. So although we hold Krishna Vasudeva as The Original Person; seeing him as an infant, also as a cowherd and ultimately as The Great King, it should still understood that He is perpetually in Govindam, the very highest heaven as Syamasundara. It is this form who is The Highest.

Govinda Krishna is all seeing, all knowing and omni-present. He does not  need to be alerted to our needs, He sees them. We don't need to remind him of our problems, He is aware of them. Therefore, worship is the purpose and goal of life. We find our purpose in making Him The Goal of our lives. All else follows after this truth. Our plans and goals separate from him are doomed to fail. Although the evil men of this world, appear to have success and to be attaining the goal, they are not. It is a devotees' purpose to define that simple goal and to present it simply to the world. Krishna does the rest. The best way to attain a vision is to ask him personally and chant his name with sincere devotion like this:

Hare Krishna Hare Krishna
Krishna Krishna Hare Hare
Hare Ramah Hare Ramah
Ramah Ramah Hare Hare

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