Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Hindu Talk

Hindus talk a lot about India and her problems, when they should be talking about Krishna and His Solution, Nama Kirtan. (or the chanting of the name) Singing the Name Of Krishna brings joy to the soul. It must be consistent and deliberate. We must do it with a worshipful heart and with sincere devotion. To be concerned with all the troubles of peoples and of nations, we stumble from Krishna. He is our Rock and Strong Tower. The Mahabharata, The Gita and Srimad Bhagavatam are verses of praise to Krishna; and sincere devotion to Him is Our Foundation.

When we pray to Krishna and chant his name, we are blessed with the mellow of devotion and a vision of The Lord. We must ever remember that vision and devote ourselves to Him. Seeing Krishna in the minds eye and experiencing Sanatana Dharma is the paramount encounter on our journey in life. We learn that God is merciful, that all creatures belong to him and that he is drawing all things back unto Himself. Nothing is lost unto Yadava, he is ever creating the path out in front of his children and creatures. All beings are preserved on the lords path to exaltation.

All beings enjoy the beauty of creation and sense the mystery behind it. It is their responsibility to be grateful and to seek out true happiness, which only the lord can give. Simpler creatures receive grace for grace, so that they experience the joy of life on a deeper level. However, all creatures bring glory to creation and to The Lord in turn. This is a very important truth, which cannot be ignored. When humans ignore this truth, they are spun into a cycle of birth and death, which will not end until they learn the truth. Separation from The Truth causes greed and materialism to creep in and ruin the soul.

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